This Country Swagger singer is ready to visit a radio station near you

 by Millie Voliva-Wiggs


   A true vocal stylist, she instinctively knows how to interpret a song. While skills can be developed, it’s obvious Celeste Kellogg’s 

traits are an integral part of her family 


   She was blessed to inherit her moves and natural charm from her mother, Nonie, a former Beauty Queen and professional dance Choreographer. Growing up, she spent

many hours with her mom dancing to 

Gloria Estefan and Elvis. Her voice and

music ability is a genetic gift from her father, Carl, a musician (trumpet) with the country tone of Alan Jackson. He would sing her to sleep at night with songs by James Taylor and Alabama (still her all time favorite group).

   Their home was filled with a diverse selection of music. Those influences shaped her own path as an artist and served as a foundation for which she honed her own sound. Her style was formed early on with the help of TV and a few select ‘onscreen’ friends.  

   “In my younger years, I was straight up Brittney Spears, Shania Twain and Cher,” she tells Country Star.

   Celeste explains, “I absolutely loved Cher. I had her “Farewell Tour” on DVD and would perform along with her. Every time she changed an outfit, which was often, I would go and change too. I love to dance and move. That’s how I learned by watching them.”

   While her parents inspired her to work hard and reach for the sky, the dream was her creation. They not only allowed her to 

pursue it, they are instrumental in helping her realize it.

   She found her voice at an early age performing in church and the school choir. 

Celeste was transformed by the way her singing moved the audience. 

   Her amazing energy and mental focus gave heart to master something more.  Celeste recognized that while singing or writing — something within takes over. All the while, her Christian faith leads her, keeps her grounded and shows her how to apply her passion to life and character. Festivals, theaters, and talent shows followed. 

    Her credentials are impressive.

   By her freshman year, her singing career was in full bloom and with her most treasured possessions in tow — her guitar and songwriting book — she started traveling wherever the path led. She is aware of her blessings and along the way she pays it forward by performing for organizations such as Make a Wish Foundation, Victory Junction Camp, and Relay for Life.

   Celeste remains true to herself and she is completely honest with how she feels and her deep values.

    “My personal testimony is to be the person God created you to be. If you go around acting like someone else, you're not being you! Don't try to be what people think is cool. Just be yourself, and people will love you!”

   And they do.

   At age 12 she caught her first break as a member of Radio Disney's RD7. While touring with RD7, she opened for artists like Miley CyrusRaven Symone, and The Jonas Brothers. The multi-talented Kellogg went on to write more than a dozen songs, appear in a music video for her song "My Jeans," and land a lead role in an independent film directed by Grammy nominated, Dove Award winning musician/producer Dave Moody called “Much Ado About Middle School.”

  Kellogg plays a lead role in the movie (her music was featured on the soundtrack) and she was blessed with the opportunity to perform with legendary actors Bill Cobbs and Lee Meriwether. Filmed in Nashville, the movie also starred teen heartthrob Blake Michael (best known for his leading roles in "Disney's Dog With a Blog" and "Lemonade Mouth"). The stars went on to date for a year and recorded the music video "Looking In Your Eyes" together.

   While the relationship didn’t last (she was only 16), in addition to acting, the experience of the film allowed her to show off her singing and dancing expertise. It was a triple hit of skills.

   It was life in the fast lane with a multifaceted emerging talent developing.

   While acting brought her to Music City, it wasn’t long before Nashville took notice of the song. In 2012, she would return to Nashville to work on her debut “This Is Where I Wanna Be.” Shortly after, I Heart Radio selected her as an “Artist to Watch” and "Pop Star Magazine" 

featured her in their print edition on multiple occasions (the only other country artist featured in the teen magazine at the time was Taylor Swift)

   Her first time working in a Nashville recording studio was a little overwhelming but truly a defining moment in her career.

   “Being able to work with musicians who were playing songs I wrote was pretty cool,” she says. “They were the most amazing musicians.”  And she admits, “Just being able to hear songs I had written in my room with my guitar come to life — I cried every single time.”

   The last few years have proven exceptional for Celeste taking honors as Josie Music Awards “Female Entertainer of The Year” two years in a row. She performed and presented at the world famous Wildhorse Saloon for the Nashville Universe Awards taking home “Rising Star of the Year.” 

  In 2017, Celeste combined her platform and her ability to communicate a step further and launched an anti-bullying school tour.  To-date she has spoken to over 90,000 students delivering her message, "Don't Fuel Their Fire." 

  And there’s no slowing down.

   Just this month, the movie “TREW Calling” was released featuring Celeste’s self-penned song "Harmless" included in the trailer.

   What’s next for the songstress?

   Celeste will be filming the music video for her co-written, newly released single, “Country Swagger” from her You And Me CD. It is a sassy tune that will have you in a car with the windows down (or ATV) and turning it up — the kind of tune others will turn it up loud and dance around the house. Line dancers will love it too. It’s sweet. It’s southern. It’s infectious. And it’s country.

   It is exactly the kind of song that could really propel the star even further in her career. Her team is ready to take it on the road to radio stations nationwide to introduce the song so she can do what she loves to do — performing and meeting country music fans along the way.

   Celeste takes it all in stride.

   “My ultimate dream is to perform with Alabama or Shania Twain; perform at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater where everybody knows the words to my songs; win a CMA Award (Country Music Association Award) and to spread a positive message to everyone!”

   Until then she’ll be content with singing on a beach with the warm sun and everyone just hanging out with her and having fun. It’s going to be a great ride.

  The path to stardom is different for everyone. Needless to say, this Country Swagger singer has already arrived.


… and the beat goes on.

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