by Millie Voliva-Wiggs

     You need great songs and a great voice to make it in the music business but Chase Payne has an added element — charisma. He has the kind of charm that just pulls you in with his voice. It has a powerful effect on his performance.

Payne’s radio-ready modern country classic style is very favorable with his female audience. The singer knows his strengths and he plays right into their hearts. He likes songs that matter.

Many grow up with that same dream – the emotional roller coaster of thinking you can sing until reality sets in. But every so often, it just feels like you’re born to sing. For the parents of Chase Payne that observation was clear — their son was destined for music from a very young age.

     “I started playing guitar at age five and singing around age 10,” Payne said. “I’m not sure why but I think God just put me on earth to do music!”

He’s been picking and singing his heart out ever since. Along the way he decided to put his feeling into words and wrote his first song, “My Kind Of Hero,” in second grade as part of a reflections contest. That passion is something he communicates effortlessly, with tremendous energy and excitement.

     “I lost track after 30 (songs),” the artist admits. 

Payne’s demeanor has a certain level of intensity and honesty and his stage presence has an aura that just pulls you into a direct appeal that simply connects with fans.

     He has passion.  

     In addition to the guitar, the multi-talent also plays bass and drums. But he did not come from a musical background. His father, Chuck, is in law enforcement and his mother Cindy is a housewife (aka domestic engineer). The middle child of two sisters, Kasey and Kellie, he is the only one to show interest in music other than a distant cousin Carlos Gutierrez, who's the guitar tech for Dierks Bentley.

     Yet with all he knows he confesses, “There is something to be learned every single day (in the music business).”

     One of his most defining moments in his career came when he was informed that a radio station in Australia picked up “Taillights,” his first single. Ironically, the country music star that he admires the most —Keith Urban— is from Australia.

     “Urban let me play a song with him a few years back,” he tells us. “He’s just such an easy guy to get along with.  Although he's famous, he is very down to earth.” 

   So it comes as no surprise that his bucket list includes scoring a No.1 album, get to play on stage with Keith Urban again — and tour in Australia. 

Last but not least, to perform on the same six-foot circle of wood as country music greats Hank Williams, George Jones and even Elvis Presley, that sits center stage at the Grand Ole Opry House know as the circle (relocated from the original Opry — the Ryman).

     The legacy of that circle is awe-inspiring.

     His ability to keep you completely captivated has made him a fan favorite among both genders because the guys know wherever Payne is playing there will be girls. The single singer admits his love affair is with music and his connection is evident by the fire in his eyes when he sings to his fans. Payne demonstrates complete dedication to his craft and chases his dream with a hunger.

     “My music has completely taken over,” he reveals. “I live my brand 24/7.”


… and the beat goes on.


"Comes From The Heart"

Keith Urban, Chase Payne