The Woodshed Project

Dan Jarboe Band

by Charlton Wiggins


  If you want country, southern rock or even a little melodic rock you can turn your radio dial and find a sound to match your musical taste. But what if you like several different styles and just can’t decide which will satisfy your need for a musical fix. Well, you pull up “The Woodshed Project” on your playlist and let the Dan Jarboe Band put it all together for you.

  As the debut album from the Dan Jarboe Band, “The Woodshed Project” is a wonderful listen and crafted to quell your musical hunger, whether you wear flip flops, a Cowboy hat and boots or tennis shoes and a ball cap. 

  All the tunes on “The Woodshed Project” are originals and written by Dan or Billy Lee Williams or both. 

  “Between Country & Rock N Roll” leads off the album with an outlaw country flavor that kindles thoughts of Hank Williams, Jr. 

  The rockin’ “The Big Easy” and “Get Yo Buzz On” are great driving songs, the latter along with “Forever Young” delivers a sound reminiscent of the Noise Boys, a DC area rock band from the 80’s.

  If your tastes run more to the melodic country sound you’ll find what you desire here too. “Hopeless Prayer” and “Those Were The Days” could easily be cuts off a Restless Heart album.

  “New Life” and “Party Down South” makes you want to head down to the beach or lake at night, let the tailgate down, start a bon fire and pop some tops with good friends and your honey.

  “The Woodshed Project” isn’t without a couple of powerful ballads too. “Better Man” is extremely heartfelt and painful at the same time and will bring a man to tears. “Unconditional Love” may not be a traditional type ballad but it pulls at the heartstrings just the same while “Ballad of Uncle Ronald” comes in as more of an ode rather than a ballad.

  The flavor of “The Woodshed Project” will whet your appetite for more and hopefully this delightful debut effort will be augmented with a sophomore release somewhere down the road. But for now try to catch the Dan Jarboe Band at a local venue and purchase the CD - it’ll fill you up!

...and the beat goes on 

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