David Herrin

The Voice is the primary musical instrument that keeps him moving forward

by Millie Voliva-Wiggs


  I would describe him as a kind of heart-on-sleeve singer. A big guy with an even bigger voice, the lyric baritone sound of Dave Herrin is unmistakably distinctive. And it’s just that voice that landed him thru the first round of NBC”s “THE VOICE.”

  "Trying out for 'THE VOICE,' I was picked out of a room of 9 young ladies,” he recalls. “When they handed me that red card and I walk out of the room, hundreds of people were cheering.”

  “I signed two autographs before I got out of the building. It was an awesome moment in my life,” he reflects.

  Although life’s circumstances prevented him from returning, he admits he still gets invites from the show for a free audition pass.    

Meanwhile he continues to hone his skills with his band herrinbone.

   “As far as my band, I’ve only been playing for year,” Herrin tells us.  “It started when I was invited for an audition for a rock band, but come to find out they needed a lead singer, who also played the piano (I don’t play piano). So of course, that didn’t work out. The next day, I got a call from the lead guitar player and he asked if I was interested in starting an acoustic band and here I am.“

   They say harmony runs in families so upon hearing herrinbone one would think they were related. The trio group is flocked with a legend on each side of Herrin. Thus creating a countermelody of in sync harmony with Mike Butler on bass and Tony Suter on lead.

   Butler, a talented bass player, has performed with the who’s who of bands in Hampton Roads. Additionally, Butler has spent the last 8 years performing with Suffolk’s 3n1 Church.

   Suter comes from a long line of harmony singing in the family band. His brothers Steve and Roger joined the son of the late, great, Loretta Suter, his mother and bandleader in the locally famed “Virginia Wrangler Band.” It’s rumored the Suter boys were born singing and playing guitar.

   Both Butler and Suter’s talents are always in demand. All three vocals together make for a richly arranged harmony that is as smooth as “Tennessee Whiskey.”  

   Herrin also comes from a family of singers. Both his mother and sister are said to have magnificent voices. His sister, Gina, occasionally takes the stage with him.

    She was not there the night we visited at the Breast Cancer Benefit Concert at the Portsmouth Moose Lodge, but fans says when she takes the stage it’s a real treat. One of his less known family/partners and biggest fan may be his son.

herrinbone: LtoR Mike Butler, Dave Herrin, Tony Suter

  “My son has Downs Syndrome, so seeing Trenton react when I preform or just sing at the house brightens my world especially when he sings along,” Herrin marvels. “He tells me everyday, ‘you’re the man Dad.’”    

   Trenton is also a big Conway Twiddy fan and loves singing Conway songs with dad. (check out You Tube). I suspect he relates that same Conway kind of throaty purr to his dad’s own seductive sound.

Herrin’s own dad doesn’t sing but the band name herrinbone is a tribute to him. It’s the nickname family and friends called his dad growing up.

   Herrin’s first claim to fame came about in high school.

   “I was chosen for two leading rolls in a school play (Grease) and when I had a standing ovation three nights in a row,” Herrin reveals. “I knew it was in the stars, it was a unforgettable feeling.”

   Acting took a back seat to music. Growing

up with the influences of Conway Twitty,

Ronnie Milsap and Vern Gosdin (also

known as “The Voice”), the rapid changes in

country music soon turned him on to Garth

Brooks and “The Dance.

  ”It sparked something

within and provoked

him to the more

creative side of music

— songwriting.  In

doing so, he plans 
to spend his down

time writing songs.

And not just any song

— ‘write a number

one hit that will

change someone’s life.’

   Herrin admits he 

constantly pushes his range to make his voice more versatile. From Conway to Garth to Zac Brown, Herrin’s innovative style is amazing and always delivers.

   No doubt his first self-penned tune will be a well-crafted debut that will show off his talent as a vocalist and a lyricist with soul.

… and the beat goes on      ★

Dave Herrin "The Voice"