Meghan Shanley

Ready for Love

by Charlton Wiggins

  Infusing elements of Jazz, Soul and R&B, the music of Meghan Shanley has a wonderfully distinct sound capable of transporting your mind to a cabaret, lounge or a Broadway stage.   Each of the songs on Meghan’s debut album “Ready for Love” creates an atmosphere all their  own. 

  Full of high energy, and exhilarating instrumentation, each song on “Ready for Love” is punctuated with Meghan’s powerful vocals. Amid the soaring horns and sublime strings Meghan’s voice comes through strong, clear and clean - stirring a joy within the soul.

  The title track kicks this album off with a blues sound wrapped around a jazz flair before nicely transforming into a full blown R&B number that seems to set the tone for the album. Following the opening track the song “One Day” is a driving number featuring horns reminiscent of the group Chicago with Meghan’s vocals providing a strong compliment to the horns.

  From the high energy of “Ready for Love” and “One Day” the album segue’s into a slower tempo. “Break My Heart” could easily be a solo number in a Broadway musical while “Never Will” is pure R&B as is “Mysterious” with it’s horns and synthesizer.

  “Better Left Unsaid” would be right at home in a smoke-filled lounge with it’s heavy Blues flavored R&B qualities in contrast to the sassy “Shake It.”  

  The moody “Without You” sets the stage for the final cut “Smile,” perhaps the most emotional song on the album. A tune written by silent film star Charlie Chaplin for his film “Modern Times.” Meghan’s rendering of this classic song is extremely moving, dripping with emotion and will raise the goosebumps on your arms and neck.

... and the beat goes on 

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