The Haven Inn
A friendly meeting spot that offers home cooked food and great entertainment

By Kevyn Taylor


   This is The Haven Inn. Owners are Dave and Lynne Willis. It was $1 Taco Night (a Thursday night tradition) and they could hardly keep up with the demand. Tacos were flying out of the kitchen.

   Home of the Haven Burger, a down-home favorite, the neighborhood grill also promotes home cooked lunch specials, lunch special loyalty cards and home cooked soups (seasonal) — well-prepared and served by a friendly staff.

   In addition to a great array of food The Haven Inn has soft tip internet Dart Boards, Steel Tip Dart Boards, Pool Tables and Free Wi-Fi.

   It is a great neighborhood bar and grill type of tavern where you can hang out with family, friends and even the owners. They are really good people who have created a down home atmosphere that will definitely bring you back. And some nights they have music.

   They are known for excellent entertainment and this night was no exception.

   Ever After was the musical group and they are excellent. Steve Stephens, vocals and lead guitar is joined by his wife Stacey on bass and lead vocals. He not only entertains with his well-known sense of humor. He loves telling jokes and messing with the audience and the audience loves him for it. He claims he has to act up in order to steal some of the attention away from the girls in the band! Wife Stacey is an exceptional vocalist, musician with her own merits.

   Ever After drummer, Katey Moss, is only 17-years-old but plays with experience way beyond her years.

   The story goes that her parents, Mark and Judy, would take her out to places that were having jam sessions. Fortunately, Steve and Stacey Stephens just happened to be having jam sessions at one of those places — and it just happened they were looking for a drummer. Katey was more than happy to sit in with them at the jam. The couple was taken aback when Katie told them what song she wanted to perform (which they both knew to be a real hard song on drums). 

  Looking at each other they both thought, “Oh boy this is going to be a mess.”

   Much to their delight, Katey Moss knocked it out of the park. They were stunned as was their audience (and in a good way)! That’s when they took her under their wing and her family became their family — and the rest as the saying goes — is history.


… and the beat goes on.