Ty Street

Welcome to the biggest “street” party in town

by Millie Voliva-Wiggs

   He may as well have been born wrapped 

in a baby blanket with the saying,  “a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll” tattooed on it. His father was a country singer; his mother an avid Eagles fan. When those two worlds collided, born was a buddle of joy that would continue the family legacy for music and entertaining.

   Ty Street, 29, was born into the music business to Gary Street of Easy Street Fame and Cher Street, a smart, savvy woman on the business end of music.

   “My dad and mom were music fanatics,” Street says. “Music was an integral part of my upbringing. Being able to listen and learn about music back then and bring it into the current knowledge of the music today is definitely a plus.”

   “One thing I can really say though,” the entertainer recalls, “I won’t miss hearing the Eagles “Hell Freezes Over” DVD every single weekend, and random week nights for almost 10 years. (Ha-ha sorry mom!)”

   But like his parents, Street is an overachiever and would prove he’s no ordinary Deejay. He is passionate about the world of music and introducing the hottest tunes to the world.

   And his fans know it.

   “My favorite thing about DJing is being able to entertain the crowd and to be the reason people come out and enjoy themselves.”

   He began honing his skills at a very young age. Being on stage has always been second nature to him.  Street would sing and DJ at a nightclub owned by his parents. He often hung out on the stage with his dad at various Virginia Country Music Association functions. 

   Flash ahead ten years later, and Ty Street has made a name for himself as one of the hottest and in demand Deejays in Hampton Roads. 

   “I guess being in this industry is in my blood,” the artist remarks.

   And there’s good reason. 

   While Eagles may have been his mom’s weekend ritual, on the other end of the house, dad was blaring the likes of Keith Whitley or Travis Tritt. In fact, the first song he remembers hearing is Whitley’s “Talk to Me Texas” and Tritt‘s  “I’m gonna be somebody.”

   While his dad Gary had the musical talent, it was his mother Cher who was the business savvy partner in the marketing of Easy Street. 

   “I grew up on music and seeing the business first hand.” He reminisces, “Music in my house was always. And it was all kinds of music that included listening to dad write songs for his own album. The song I remember most is a song that never got released by dad’s band (Easy Street) called “Bad News Travels Fast” and a fan favorite “Boots to the Left.” All the while, my mom would be on the phone with their Nashville producer making plans.

   His growing years were during a time when music was evolving and genres would often carry over into other classifications. The expansion increased his knowledge and his repertoire. The experience enriched his style with an eclectic taste. 

   “Back then it was everything,” he says. “Which I hated at the time, but looking back, I’m thankful for hearing it. Music now is not what it was back then. But my range of music was a lot of old rock and roll, country, and a little bit of dance/shag music. From the Eagles, to George Jones to the one and only Bill Deal and the Rhondels, Street knows his music and has built a huge library.

With a collection of over 30,000 songs under his belt, his desire to include his audience is evident in his raw high energy. His presentation to the fans has been called “off the chain.”  

   And like many other artist, Ty Street has dreams.

   “I would love to be a part of a major tour. DJ Silver touring with Jason Aldean has been something I’ve talked about doing for years — even before I ever saw him on a stage,” Street reveals.

   Street feels his role, as a DJ is twofold — entertaining fans and introducing the hottest bands.

   “I would also like to help pioneer the “country DJ movement” into the scene and in doing so help other bands get their place on the map in country music. It’s my mission to show how much talent is in Virginia”.

   Street admits his ultimate dream is the same as every great country artist.

   “I would love to be on the Grand Ole Opry and the CMA awards. The Opry carries so much history. I would love to be a part of that. And to perform at the CMAs in front of your music peers and fans alike from all over the world is almost as good as ‘eating granny's banana puddin.’”

   Those dreams may not be so far off. But for now, the extraordinary talent of Ty Street will bring you to the biggest “street” party in town.

   “My style and the way I DJ, from what I have seen and heard is unlike any other,” he relates. “I am country at heart, but I throw a party with the songs you know and love to hear. I want you to come out and sing at the top of your lungs — while dancing and having a cold one. I make sure my crowd is in the party. I don’t just sit back and play music. I deliver my performance like an all-out concert and I will do my best to grab you into the party with me.”


... and the beat goes on                                                  


Ty Street grew up on stage. Shown here at age 11, he always like helping the bands.

Street steps away from his DJ booth to introduce local and national acts. On this night Street introduces the Nashville based group Benton Blount.

Ty Street
Live in Nashville